3D Laser Scanning Services

3D laser scanning is a non-contact method of capturing 3D data from inanimate objects. This data can be converted to 3D CAD models and surfaces for manipulation. With our scanning equipment and expert engineering we can provide our clients with the highest quality CAD models and surfaces for engineering, manufacturing and quality applications. Non-contact scanning specializes in collecting data from soft, deformable and complex shapes where it would be impossible for a stationary CMM to collect point data.
Scan Arm And Probe

Scan arms range in size from 6' ft. to 12 ft. to tackle any size project. Accuracy from 25 - 50 Ám (.001/.002 in). Probe accuracy 5 - 13 Ám (.0002 -.0005 in) This type of scanning equipment allows us the portability that a standard CMM does not offer. This portability alows us to move the PCMM to any area required to capture data from any project.
Long Range Scanning

High volume longe range scanning for buildings, architectural, aircraft, ships, spacecraft and any complex or large structures. Range from .6m(23.6 in) to 130m(426.5 ft). Accuracy up to ▒2mm(.0787 ft).
High Precision Scanning

High precision, large volume and long range scanners for various measuring applications for tooling, parts, machine calibration and inspections. Range from 160m (525 ft) spherical working volume. Accuracy up to 0.015mm (0.0006 in)
CT Scanning

Industrial CT (Computed Tomography) scanning for non destructive and non contact data capture. CT volume reconstruction for 3D inspection. 3D internal and external surface scanning. Evaluation and measurement of precision plastic parts and small castings, complex mechanisms, internal components, part-to-CAD comparison, etc.
White Light

Non contact rapid point cloud data collection. Scan Volume 3m (118 in). Accuracy 10 Ám (.0004). For accurate scanning of any project.


We can provide reverse engineering of component converted to CAD data. File output can be of various formats. We also provide parametric modeling from reverse engineering data, if required. Several CAD formats are available for parametric files.

On-site laser scanning and inspection services available. Let our services and expertise come to your facility. We have 30 plus years of manufacturing and engineering experience to complete your scanning or inspection requirement.

Already have a scanned part and need a 3D CAD model for prototype or manufacturing? Call or contact us for a quotation today!