3D Inspection Services

After data capture we can provide inspection comparison of scanned component to CAD. This comparison can determine if scanned manufactured part matches CAD engineering and tolerances. Inspection reports can be generated from this comparison process.Trend analysis also available to detect trend deviations.

3D Comparison

3D dimensional color mapping of the deviation between scan data and CAD.

Sectional Dimensioning and Comparison

2D dimensional tolerancing to print. 2D compare that graphically illustrates the deviation between scan data and CAD.

GD&T Probing and Inspection

Full GD&T inspection capabilities per part print between captured data and CAD part.

First Article Inspection Reports

Complete inspection reports from scan to CAD comparison. Includes deviation distribution and standard deviations with dimensional tolerancing and GD&T tolerancing and deviation.


On-site laser scanning and inspection services available. Let our services and expertise come to your facility. We have 30 plus years of manufacturing and engineering experience to complete your scanning or inspection requirement.

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